Cake Pan Collection

Check out a cake pan to create a special treat. Pans can be checked out for 2 weeks. You may reserve a pan by calling the library at 920-564-2934. They must be checked out at and returned to the Oostburg Public Library. Pans available:

  1. Angel Food Cake Pan-One Piece
  2. Angel Food Cake Pan-Two Pieces
  3. Angel Food Cake Pan-Mini Hearts
  4. Big Bird Cake Pan
  5. Book Cake Pan-Two Mix Size
  6. Bundt Cake Pan
  7. Bundt Cake Pan-Mini
  8. Bunny Cake Pan
  9. Bunny Cake Pan-Mini
  10.  Car Cake Pan- 3-D Cruiser
  11.  Car Cake Pan-Race Car
  12.  Christmas Cookie Pan
  13.  Christmas Tree Cake Pan
  14.  Christmas Tree Cake Pan-Mini #1
  15.  Christmas Tree Cake Pan-Mini #2
  16.  Cinderella Cake Pan
  17.  Cookie Treat Pan-Flowers
  18.  Daisy Flower Cake Pan
  19.  Diego Cake Pan
  20.  Dome Cake Pans- 3 Piece Set
  21.  Donald Duck Cake Pan
  22.  Dora Cake Pan
  23.  Easter Cake Pan
  24.  Easter Egg Cake Pan-Minis
  25.  Elmo Cake Pan
  26.  Frankenstein Cake Pan
  27.  Gingerbread Boy Cake Pan
  28.  Good Cheer Mug Cake Pan
  29.  Guitar Cake Pan
  30.  Heart Cake Pans-3 pieces
  31.  Holly Hobby Cake Pan
  32.  Loaf Pan-Minis #1
  33.  Loaf Pan-Minis #2
  34.  Mickey Mouse Head
  35.  Monkey Cake Pan
  36.  Popover Pan
  37.  Pumpkin Cake Pan
  38.  Puppy Cake Pan
  39.  Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan
  40.  Sesame Street Cake Pan-Minis
  41.  Snowflake Cake Pan
  42.  Snowman Cookie Pan
  43.  Snowmen Cake Pan-Minis
  44.  Spiderman Cake Pan
  45.  Springform Pan Set-4 Pieces
  46.  Star Cake Pan
  47.  Star Cake Pan-Minis
  48.  Storybook Doll Cake Pan (Raggedy Ann)
  49.  Teddy Bear Cake Pan
  50.  Topsy Turvy Cake Pan
  51.  Tractor Cake Pan-Nordic Ware
  52.  Transformers Cake Pan
  53.  Valtrompia Bread Tube Pans-3 Pans Plus End Covers(Pampered Chef)
  54.  Winnie-The-Pooh Cookie Treat Pan