UniversalClass for Libraries comes to Monarch

Continue your education with UniversalClass! Over 500 online courses with CEUs on almost any subject including: Computer Training, Personal Finance, How-To, Writing Skills, Pet and Animal Care, Professional Development, Health, Art & Crafts, and so much more!

Go to https://www.universalclass.com/monarchlibrarysystem to sign up! You will be presented with a splash screen that allows you to browse courses, create an account on the Libby App (first-time users), or sign-in to an existing account (registered users).

Learn on your own time with UniversalClass!

Monarch2Go app

Did you know you can use the Monarch2Go app to view the library’s holdings, use your phone when you check out items at the library and reserve items from the system? Patrons are loving the Monarch2Go app! Any questions, please call the library at 920-564-2934