Friends of the Oostburg Public Library

Library Friends groups are formed by members of the community who are supporters of the public library in their community. The Friends group for the Oostburg Public Library was formed many years ago to help promote library services and also to spearhead the construction of a new library to serve the community. Their dream came true and our current building is the result. Currently the Friends group help with volunteer services at the library, sponsor programming efforts of the library and fund raise to address future needs of the library which are not part of the library’s operating budget. The focus of the Friends will be looking at ways to expand the footprint of the library to address overcrowding concerns which are limiting services and materials space at the library. Watch for more information on this exciting development.

Members of the Friends Board
Ellen Daniels: President
Carol Skeris: Secretary
Sally Lensink: Treasurer
Janice Schmidt: Library Board Representative
Kris Froh

Bethany Swart
Anne Mauer
Colleen Swart
Trixine Tahtinen, Library Director