Scrabble for Adults

Calling all Scrabble players! Love Scrabble? Stop by for a game. Please join us on any or all of the Tuesday afternoons in February, 1:30-3:00PM.

Attention word lovers: have fun while exercising your brain, improving your vocabulary and make new friends by playing Scrabble at the Oostburg Public Library! Beginning, intermediate and advanced players are welcome.

Bring your friends, bring your brains. Leave your dictionary and phone @ home. We will be playing by the official Scrabble rules and using the Library’s copy of the official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary for challenges only. There will be a time limit on turns in order for games to end reasonably near the same time.

Are you someone who likes to use the words “xi” and “qi” to score big points on the Scrabble board? Or are you still unsure of the validity of Scrabble words? Whether Scrabble is your favorite game or one you have only heard of, come to the Library’s Scrabble for Adults program for a friendly, brain-exercising game. Meet new opponents or bring a friend. February 6, 13,20,& 27th.